Knights & Merchants TPR

Joymania Entertainment (Proprietary)

Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion is a period-themed video game created by a company called Joymania Entertainment. It is a real-time strategy game that features a setting reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Published by TopWare Interactive, the game was released in November of 2001. The player takes on the role of a Palace Guard whose main responsibility is to defend the last royal province. There is a conspiracy against the King and the player must reclaim the provinces that formerly belonged to him. Various armies are fighting one another and invading territories left and right, leaving the palace under siege.

When in single-player mode, the game allows access to certain infrastructure only after the player get through specific missions. In the multi-player mode, the game allows complete access to any building. In order to gain money, players can accumulate stone, wood, and food items. These goods have to be delivered to other buildings, so players would also have to build ample roads to enable this. In addition, they are also used to feed the citizens of the kingdom, so the player must make sure that there is a stable food supply at any time during the game. First-time players will be guided at the beginning of the game by a detailed tutorial.