KMines (Minesweeper-like Game)

Nicolas Hadacek (Open Source)

KMines is a classic game that was first released in 1998 for KDE. It is one of the games included in the Kdegames application. It is based on the classic game of Minesweeper wherein players must turn over all the squares on the game grid without turning over tiles with mines on them. When each tile is turned, there are numbers on the tiles that serve as clues to the number of mines in the surrounding area. Players must then use these numbers to make the next move. Flipping over a tile with a mine results in game over.

When the player is uncertain if a tile has a mine or not, a question mark can be placed. This allows users to move on to other tiles and get back to the tiles with question marks later on in the game. The player wins the game when all the tiles have turned over successfully. KMines has three difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard. The easy level has an 8 by 8 game grid, the regular level has a 16 by 16 game grid, and the expert level has a 16 by 30 game grid. Players can view the official website to see the high score ranking for the game.