KMail (Mail Client) 4.27.345

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

KMail (Mail Client) is an information management program. It allows program users with the ability to send and receive messages online. It is a personal management program that usually comes pre-installed in the Kontact application from the same developer, the KDE Education Project. It is an electronic message component that can be utilized when the KDE desktop program is downloaded and installed into a computer system. It is versatile and user-friendly. Aside from serving as a standard email client, this application also serves as a highly reliable email client for Linux systems.

When it comes to the KMail (Mail Client) program, it is compatible across platforms. It provides support for varying mail protocols including SMTP and IMAP. It also has the ability to process authentication concerns when used with Windows and Kerberos systems. It is an effective email client where users can easily generate and send HTML mail apart from standard written text messages. When an HTML file is sent or received, the program can also convert these into plain text making files easier to download. Unlike other clients, this one can handle large files because it comes with a special attachment application that can be used to shrink files down for sending. The recipient can then download them using the actual size.