KMahjongg (Mahjongg Solitaire)

(Open Source)

KMahjongg (Mahjongg Solitaire) is a board game loosely based on the Mahjongg game. It is released by KDE as part of its kdegames package. In this game, the Mahjongg tiles are stacked one on top of another, as well as beside each other.  Mahjongg tiles are arranged in a way that it resembles the current theme.

The objective of the KMahjongg (Mahjongg Solitaire) is to remove all the tiles from the board. This is done by locating the tiles that match each other. However, for the tile to be matched and removed, the tiles must first be a free tile. Free tiles are tiles that do not have any tile resting on top of it. Tiles that are flanked on both sides by other tiles are not free tiles. However, if it only has one adjacent tile, then it can be considered a free tile. Some tiles may be hidden from view by other tiles. Thus, the player must choose which tiles to remove first in order to free more tiles. Matched tiles are removed from the board. The game ends when there are no longer any tiles remaining. However, if a tile becomes stuck beneath another tile and there are no more moves left, the game is likewise ended in a loss. Thus it is important to have a strategy when removing tiles.