KLS Mail Backup

KirySoft (Freeware)

KLS Mail Backup is an application that enables users to back up and restore email clients and browser settings. It is developed by a company called Kirysoft, and supports the restoration of the following well-known email programs and browsers: Outlook Express, Windows, Mail Profiles, Windows Address Book, Windows Contacts, IncrediMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Internet Explorer. This application allows the user to choose between two types of compression formats – ZIP and 7Z – for the backed up files.

Apart from standard documents, KLS Mail Backup can also backup and restore certificates, bookmarks, saved forms and passwords, extensions, calendars, cookies, browsing history, and contacts among others. User can also configure their backup parameters, specifically the target location. It can be set to a local drive, portable device, remote computer, or an FTP server. Users can choose from three backup options; for the full backup, users can copy all files every time they initiate a backup operation. The same can be expected from the full without versions type of backup. For the incremental backup option, only the first backup operation is done in its entirety – the succeeding ones are done gradually.

KLS Mail Backup has a simple interface, which displays the target, mode, compression, log, and options buttons on the left side of the screen.