Klient 2.2.4

NydeaSoftware (Freeware)

Klient is a program designed for Windows users. It is an Internet Relay Chat software that is able to connect to as many servers as the user wants. The servers can belong to the same or to different networks. Its flexible interface can be adjusted to suit the user’s specifications. Users can adjust display settings, customize toolbars, and choose from a variety of window styles.

An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a chat network for multiple users. It is designed to be a virtual platform that allows people across the globe to meet and talk in private or in channels. With an IRC client, the user make a connection to an IRC server, which is, in turn, connected to one of many IRC networks. Networks can have up to tens of thousands of people who can use the service. An IRC network typically consists in a group of servers connected to one another.

Klient’s primary feature can be seen in its powerful scripting abilities. It can add scripts in two ways: with its built-in script editor, or by running scripts that can be found in external DLL files. The application can add 70 objects to its script interpreter so that script languages can be extended. This allows script codes to “talk” to Klient. Custom forms may also be added using DLL scripts.