KLettres (Learn The Alphabet)

KDE Education Project (Anne-Marie Mahfouf) (Freeware)

KLettres (Learn The Alphabet) is an educational program released under the KDE Education Project aiming to teach its users about the alphabet. Ideal for starting learners, this particular program offers an entertaining method of learning the A, B, Cs by means of fun images and engaging songs. Apart from starting learners, the program is also suitable for adults if they are in the middle of studying a foreign language. This is because the program can run on different languages.

KLettres (Learn The Alphabet) offers its users with the ability to learn the alphabet in their chosen language. Apart from letters, this piece of software also teaches syllables. Language settings have been configured into the program where twenty options are available. Aside from standard English, program users can benefit from language options which include French, Spanish, German, and Arabic to name a few.

The interface is simple. Users have four difficulties to choose from and 2 age modes, one for the youth and the other for adults. When it comes to the age mode for starting learners, the interface can be modified. There are themes that have been installed into the program and these can be selected from prior to the lessons. Also, when necessary, a replay button is available. When it is clicked, the program will repeat a particular lesson by voice.