Kiten (Japanese Reference-Study Tool)

KDE Education Project (Jason Katz-Brown, Neil Stevens, Joseph Kerian) (Freeware)

Kiten (Japanese Reference-Study Tool) is an educational application that serves the purpose of teaching the Japanese language to its users. It is a reference tool much like a dictionary where Japanese characters are defined in English. Standard Japanese to English and English to Japanese dictionaries come with the program and it also provides users with access to a more detailed Kanji dictionary. Apart from providing users with reference materials, the program also teaches them methods that can be applied to Kanji dictionary searches.

Kiten (Japanese Reference-Study Tool) is a program that was created and released under the KDE Education Project initiative. It is free to use and comes with an interface that is extremely easy to manipulate. Users simply have to enter words, in English or Japanese, and then the reference tool will do a search. All relevant results will be displayed but program users can opt to refine their searches. Exact match lookups are also available and all a user has to do is click a button on the top of the screen.

When a search is performed, three types of information are shown. Apart from the English translation, there is also the Japanese word and the relevant Kanji strokes. Definition results also appear in two categories, Kanjidic and Edict.