KitchenDraw (Shareware)

KitchenDraw is a design program that lets the user create a layout with elevations, 3D perspectives, wireframes, and cost estimates from the supplier. The user can simulate an image with furniture, colors, textures, and appliances. Drag and drop elements are supported by the program to create patterns or placings on the user’s created layout. It features an automatic setup for linear objects like plinths, worktops, cornices, and light pelmets.

KitchenDraw allows the user to create room layouts with rounded walls, staircases, beams, and the like and allows the user to arrange parametric objects available in the catalogs. The user can download catalogs from suppliers for free from the developer website. Catalogs include cabinets, furniture, tiles, decoration, worktops, floors and wall covering, and accessories and appliances, each with price listings from their country of origin. The program allows users to create their own catalogs from existing catalogs. When the user creates a layout and redesigns a feature, the program creates parallel versions of floor planning, 3D perspective, elevations, and estimates. When the user modifies a layout or feature, the parallel versions are automatically updated with changes.

KitchenDraw has multiple perspectives for the user to view their design and layout with. Perspectives include wireframe, elevation, photorealistic, and realistic. Each perspective can be modified according to the user’s aspects.  The program helps the user confirm the project layout and cost estimates, and links with Microsoft Word for documentation.