Kitchen Brigade 3.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Kitchen Brigade is a game based on popular cooking shows on television today. The player of Kitchen Brigade is a participant in the Kitchen Brigade TV Competition. The TV contest covers a span of 66 days. During this time contestants are given different challenges, including managing seven restaurants, upgrading the kitchen, and serving tasty meals to customers. The end goal is to be the winner of the TV show.

Kitchen Brigade players can aspire to collect a total of 17 trophies, completing six challenges, more than 50 different recipes, 66 Master Chef levels, and 66 story mode levels. This is a time management game that is ideal for gamers who are also cooking enthusiasts, fan of kitchen TV shows, and have aspirations to become restaurateurs in the future. There are three chefs to manage and customers must be promptly served high-quality and flavorful dishes such as clam chowder, enchilada, chicken satay and many other recipes.  Players also have to build a working kitchen and make the necessary adjustments by adding kitchen essentials such as ovens, mixers, and grills.

Kitchen Brigade by WildTangent, Inc. offers players with three bonus games. These are Bistro Boulevard, Sushi Bar, and Hotdog Hotshot. There are also mini-games to be played that could help the chefs complete orders in time.