Kiss Pinball

On Deck Interactive (Proprietary)

KISS Pinball is a pinball computer game that revolves around the American rock band, KISS. The game was first released in 2000. The game features the four members of the band – Peter, Paul, Gene, and Ace. It offers two pinball game tables called Netherworld and Last Stop Oblivion. Players are also free to choose from four different game modes, which are Tournament, Arcade, Regular, and Novice.

The game follows the classic game of pinball wherein players must hit the ball around the table using flippers. The longer the ball stays on the game table and hits different items, the higher the score the player accumulates. In addition to the pinball game, players can also follow the storyline, which focuses on the band’s fight against the Dark Lord. Players have different objectives to fulfill in order to progress through the storyline. Some of them include collecting souls, getting an autograph from the band, and achieving the video mode, among others. There are also power ups hidden throughout the game to help users beat levels and get even more points.

Just like a real-life pinball machine, players can only see the game table from a top view. Flippers are located on either side of the table and the focus of the screen shifts to where the ball goes.