Kiriki (Yahtzee-like Dice Game)

KDE (Open Source)

Kiriki (Yahtzee-like Dice Game) is a dice game developed by KDE as part of its KDE games package. The game is a multiplayer game for up to six players. Each player takes turns to roll the dice. Each turn consists of three rolls of the die. Players roll 5 dice at the same time to determine the points. The points from each dice roll are added up to determine the score for that particular turn. The numbers from the faces of dice can create specific combinations which results in bigger points. However, each combination can only be scored once for the whole game. The game ends after thirteen turns. The scores will be tallied and the player with the highest score is declared the winner.

Kiriki (Yahtzee-like Dice Game) scoring can be quite daunting. The number of times a dice face appears is tallied on the board. Thus, for a roll with 15133, there are two 1s, two 3s, and one 5. The score will be 2 on the column for 1s, 6 for the column for 3s, and 5 for the 5s column, with a total score of 13. Combinations garner higher points. Some combinations include large straight, small straight, 4-of-a-kind, and 3-of-a-kind. There is a kiriki if the roll results in a five of a kind. Combination points can go as high as 50points.