KiransTypingTutor 1.0

Mr Kiran (Freeware)

KiransTypingTutor is an application that helps improve the typing skills of users. The program provides different tests and tutorials for different skill levels. There are also games to make learning more exciting. The program’s main interface has 6 main sections – typing lessons, typing tests, kids typing, typing practice, typing games, and numeric keyboard. These are the different sections where users can start learning from the program.

When a lesson has been chosen, users are brought to the lesson window. The bottom portion of the window has fields for entering the text. The text to be typed is located at the top portion of the window and below that is the virtual keyboard where users can see the location of all the keys. On the left side of the main window, users can see the course, lesson number and the buttons for the options menu.

Other features of the KiransTypingTutor application are the following:

• Consists of more than 500 lessons for typing that covers different levels
• Users can view a progress window where their accuracy, number of errors, and typing speed can be seen
• Has four different typing games
• Users can customize program settings according to their liking
• Has key press feature so users can see which key to type