Kinovea 0.8.15

Kinovea (Freeware)

Kinovea is a video player tool made by developers of the same name. It was released in June 2011. The program is specially designed for sports enthusiasts who would like to capture their moves on video. Amateurs can capture athletes in action to study and analyze their techniques. They can also capture their own moves to find points for improvement and the inspection of other factors.

Kinovea features a capable video player that supports video scrubbing down to the millisecond for accurate technique analysis. The program also features some customization options in the form of arrows and text content to describe a particular technique or movement in the video. This is especially useful when teaching and training athletes. The program also features a side-by-side video comparison function. This is essential when comparing two movements or athletes performing the same action. It can also be used synchronizing two events to show two different points of view of one instance. The program also supports some measurement functions using automated or semi-automated tracking. This is useful when measuring trajectories or tracking follow points. The program also offers an analysis function with the capability of exporting analysis results into a spreadsheet format. This is essential for further scientific research and analysis.