Kingsoft PowerWord 2007

Kingsoft Co, Ltd. (Shareware)

PowerWord is a dictionary program that translates Chinese to English, and vice versa. It was initially made for personal computing systems, but is now available on some popular devices. It is also available online as iCIBA. The program contains numerous dictionaries, including the following:

• American Heritage Dictionary
• A Great International Standard Dictionary of Chinese Characters
• An English-Chinese Graphic Dictionary
• A Modern English-Chinese Comprehensive Dictionary
• A Senior Chinese Dictionary

The brevity of the translations in the dictionaries of the abovementioned program makes it optimal as a reference for technical or well-defined terms used in specific fields of business. It caters to users interested in the following fields of business (among other dictionary sets for other industries), with a number of dictionaries per industry:

• Business – 10 dictionaries
• Medicine – 5 dictionaries
• Manufacturing – 11 dictionaries
• Transportation – 9 dictionaries
• Science and Technology – 14 dictionaries

The installer uses the default language in the location of the user. The user interface is simple and intuitive. When the user points the mouse at an onscreen word, a tiny window with a brief definition and links for expanded definitions is displayed. The user can also copy-paste a Chinese or English word into the interface to find its definition, as well as hear how words are pronounced via a built-in speech synthesizer.