Kingsoft Office 9.1.0

Kingsoft Corp. Ltd. (Freeware)

Kingsoft Office, often abbreviated to KSO, is an office suite that consists of three programs namely Kingsoft Spreadsheet, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Writer. These programs can be used across different operating systems.

Features of each program included in the Kingsoft Office suite are the following:

• Kingsoft Writer – The Kingsoft Writer application supports .docx and .doc formats from Microsoft Word. Command buttons and page views are located at the top portion of the main window. Users can enable or disable the ruler, gridlines, navigation pane, and even the task window. The program also provides templates for cover and content pages.
• Kingsoft Presentation – This application is used for creating presentations and slideshows. Projects created with this program can be exported as PDF documents. It comes with a variety of background and presentation templates, allowing users to create presentations easily without starting from scratch.
• Kingsoft Spreadsheet – This program allows users to create worksheets. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel. It consists of several tools for graphing, calculating, and analyzing data. The application also comes with several worksheet templates for different needs. The application also allows users to convert worksheets into PDF files. Spreadsheets can be sent through email as well.