Kingsoft Internet Security

Kingsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Kingsoft Internet Security is an antivirus and security program created and released by the Kingsoft Corporation. This software is particularly developed for Internet users. It includes an antivirus, personal firewall, vulnerability scanner and anti-malware features. The Kingsoft Internet Security program removes all malicious activities/programs/files before it can attack the computer system. The program’s protective system can also be customized based on computer activities.

The Kingsoft Internet Security application features Webshield Protection. This feature allows users to surf the web securely. This antivirus offers real-time security checking of files and offers an integrated email scanner that will check for spam and viruses on email activities.

The Kingsoft Internet Security application offers Cloud Security Technology. This feature is comprised of their reptile system, mercury platform, and trusted Internet authentication. These are used to store samples of virus and other malicious files. The samples are used to analyze and enhance the protection of a computer system.

The antivirus program also has a Malicious Website Blocking feature. This is used to prevent access requests every time an unknown application tries to enter via a website. Malicious Website Blocking also has web address authentication that is used to analyze a web address’ security.  

The Kingsoft Internet Security application also features MSN Encryption and Vulnerability Fix. MSN Encryption is used to protect Instant Messenger installed in a computer by scanning and monitoring dialogues and file transfers. The Vulnerability Fix feature aims to enhance the speed and stability of downloads. Other features and tools offered by the Kingsoft Internet Security program include history cleaner, process supervisor, USB flash rescue disc creation and Winsock LSP repair.