Kingsoft Anti-Spyware

Kingsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Kingsoft Anti-Spyware is a component of the Kingsoft Internet Security suite, which also includes two other applications, namely Kingsoft AntiVirus and Kingsoft Personal Firewall. The security suite is designed to protect the computer from trojans, rootkits, malware, and spyware. The program suite provides users with the ability to analyze the health index of their computers, monitor all of the programs running on their computers, and scan critical areas. It also enables users to adjust the monitoring settings to protect their systems from LAN and Internet attacks.

Kingsoft Anti-Spyware is developed specifically for scanning for malware to protect the computer and make it run faster. Its features include the following:

• Analyze the computer system and stop unwanted processes
• Repair key items in the computer system and the browser
• Restore the system’s original status
• Locate and fix vulnerabilities and active rootkits; remove suspicious files, malware, and virus infections
• Completely remove the effects resulting from malware and viruses, effectively cleaning the disk and freeing up disk space

This application can also be used to clean media files and clear the Windows usage history. Users can also apply the program’s functions in clearing Internet browsing history and temporary files. This also protects the computer from spyware that may have been hidden in a website that was previously opened. Some of the tools included with the antispyware program are Disk Cleaner, LSP Repair, History Cleaner, and USB Protection Tool.