King's Quest VII 1

Sierra On-Line (Shareware)

King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride is an adventure video game developed and published by the company, Sierra On-Line. It is the final installment in the King’s Quest series, and follows the story of the Daventry royal family. The player assumes the role of Princess Rosella, who is being pressured by her parents to find a prince to marry. During a conversation between Princess Rosella and her mother Queen Valanice while walking around the palace grounds, a strange reflection in the pond catches Rosella’s eye. A mysterious creature jumps out of the water and dives back in, which causes Rosella to dive into the water, too. Queen Valanice jumps into the water to get her daughter back, but instead finds herself in a magical realm called Eldritch.

As Rosella and Queen Valanice search for each other in Eldritch, they both discover that the kingdom is being plagued by an evil witch named Malicia. The player must explore various places in Eldritch including Etheria, Falderal, Ooga Booga, and Vulcanix among others. Rosella also gets to interact with numerous characters like The Headless Horseman, Three Fates, and the Troll King. The player’s main goal is to help Rosella and Queen Valanice defeat Malicia in order for Rosella to find her Prince Charming and everlasting happiness.