King's Bounty. Armored Princess

Katauri Interactive (Proprietary)

King’s Bounty: Armored Princess is strategy role-playing game developed by the company, Katauri Interactive. It is the stand-alone expansion pack to the game The Legend. The game’s plot takes place in a new world called Teana, which was accessed through a magical portal. The player takes on the character Princess Amelie, a maid in mail who is sent to Teana too search for a Knight named Sir Bill Gilbert. In addition, the player is tasked to find eight magic stones that hold the power of the gods. These stones are supposed to save the world of Darion from being taken over by demons.

The alternate world of Teana resembles a Caribbean paradise that consists of various islands, which each having a unique group of inhabitants, including barbarians and pirates. The player can choose from among three classes, namely mage, paladin, and warrior. She also gets to enlist the help of a maximum of five squadrons at any time during the game when the battles get intense. Princess Amelie will get a pet dragon as soon as she arrives in Teana, and the player can assign its color and basic skills. This dragon will be at Amelie’s disposal for the rest of the game. As the game progresses, more characters are revealed and some of them can be chosen as Amelie’s companions as well.