Kings Bounty Armored Princess Editor

1C Company (Proprietary)

Kings Bounty: Armored Princess Editor is an application bundled with the King's Bounty: Armored Princess game. The editor allows users not only to change the original game but to create new full-scale campaigns independent of the main storyline as well. The new campaigns and quests can be carried out in unique, user-created locations with mission maps. The associated game is an adventure RPG, or role-playing game, in which the controls the character of Amelie, a princess is tasked to explore the world of Teana to find Bill Gilbert, her missing mentor.

The game editor enables users to add new content such as items, characters, enemies, locations, dialogs, quests, and companions. It also lets users modify existing content and campaigns. The map and arena editor lets users can create and customize the appearance and behavior of locations. The application also comes with tactical arena layouts that may be edited according to player preference. The editor provides users with tools to make new landscapes and paint these with different textures and color palettes. Users can also add objects (static and dynamic) as well as characters. The application’s quest editor works in a similar fashion. With this application, users can customize how the game, its objects and settings, and its characters look.

The editor also allows users to link separate campaigns together to feature multiple protagonists in a single campaign. Interface editors and other game-editing plugins may also be connected to the application.