Kingpin - Life of Crime

Xatrix Entertainment (Proprietary)

Kingpin - Life of Crime is a game in the first-person genre, and follows the main character’s story of revenge against the Kingpin. The story begins with the player’s character being beaten up and severely wounded by the crime lord’s henchmen, and so the player took it upon himself to seek vengeance and beat the Kingpin in his own game by forming his own gang. This computer game is known for its excessive use of violence and graphic depictions of gore coupled with extremely vulgar and crude dialogue, making it a more suited for older and mature players.

The game is set in different urban environments and challenges players to obtain power by forging alliances with other gangs and killing members of rival gangs. Players are given access to a wide range of weapons such as pistols, flamethrowers, and bazookas. The game showcases genre innovations such as NPC interactions, modifiable weapons, armor values for different body parts, and location-specific damage. Location-specific damage means that the extent of damage done depends on where a person is shot, for instance, a shot to the knee would only incapacitate a rival, but a shot to the head would kill him instantly.

Kingpin - Life of Crime supports multiplayer action via Internet or LAN connection. Up to 16 users can play at the same time.