King of Dragon Pass

A Sharp, LLC (Proprietary)

King of Dragon Pass is a computer game that was first released in 1999. It was then re-released for the iPad in 2011 and on GOG in 2012. This is a role-playing turn-based strategy game that takes place in Glorantha. Players assume the role of the leader of a clan. Players get to plan strategies and control the aspect of life in the land. Each year in the game consists of five seasons, and players must make two decisions in each season. The outcome of the story depends on the decision the player makes.

There are plenty of areas the player needs to balance in order to succeed in the game. Citizens must survive and the clan must prosper in order to defeat rivals. Players also have complete control over the actions of clan members. In addition to managing the entire clan, players are also faced with different challenges, such as food shortage. Every little decision the player makes in the game results in a different scenario, so players must choose carefully.

Main features of the game include the following:

• Users get to experience different seasons in the game
• Players get to choose their own clan from the three choices available including Orlanth, Ernalda, and Elmal
• Players can trade in the game to get more commodities