King Kong

Ubisoft (Proprietary)

King Kong is an FPS action adventure video game developed and published by Ubisoft. It was based on the 2005 King Kong film where it also got its official game title, “Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie”. It was officially released on November 17, 2005. Since it was based on the 2005 King Kong movie, the plot also follows the same storyline where the protagonists (King Kong and Jack Driscoll) try to survive Skull Island. However, the storyline was also expanded to expand the gameplay.

In King Kong, the player takes the role of King Kong and Jack Driscoll, the New York scriptwriter. Although it is considered as a first person shooter game, it deviates from this game type through the removal of HUD (Heads-up Displays). It does not display ammunition readout, life bar, and aiming reticule adding more challenge to the game. Kong’s adventure is intermingled with Jack’s, wherein instead of Jack, the player controls King Kong while roaming the Skull Island, defeating different types of giant monsters, and saving Ann.

Unlike when the player assumes the role of Jack, Kong’s adventures occur in a third-person perspective. The player controls Kong to perform different actions like grabbing, punching, and using corpses or objects as weapons. Kong’s other abilities include charging, biting, climbing, and hurling enemies. Kong can also do chest pounding, which allows him to turn on the fury mode. When this mode is activated, Kong is more powerful. During Jack alternate mission where he saves Kong, the player will fly a seaplane and firing the machine gun to enemies (sometimes even Kong).