KillCopy 2.85

Killer{R} (Freeware)

KillCopy is a file copying utility developed by Killer in June 2008. KillCopy allows users to copy files between computers in a network or between local drives. KillCopy features faster large files copying rated at 2-3 times by selecting the Turbo option. It can also set a maximum copy transfer speed and buffer size for copying files. This program also allows users to download files and directories by selecting the Change Target directory in the KillCopy right click options. KillCopy also has Move Mode where source files are automatically deleted after copy or overwritten by random bytes in 1-3 passes for a more secure move.

KillCopy features customized options after copy process. Users can choose to play a notification sound, open target folder, or shutdown the system after the copy process. In case there are system crashes or accidental cancellations and a copy transfer was terminated, KillCopy automatically resumes copying after reboot. KillCopy also allows users to resume copy manually by pressing SHIFT during the cancel copy process.

KillCopy can also be set as the default Drag and Drop handler for a system. Users may also enable copy process verification in the options. However, this might slow down the copy process for a bit. KillCopy users may also reserve space for files they are copying before the copy process is terminated.