KDE Education Project (Parker Coates) (Freeware)

Killbots is a zombie robot evading game. The main objective is for the player to find a strategy that will help him or her evade the attack of killer robots. There is a grid-like playing field. The killer robots will appear one by one, depending on the stage. The higher the level, the more killer robots there are to overcome.

Killbots was created and released under the KDE Education Project group. This particular game can be played by one person at a time. The grid serves as the playing area where zombie robots will appear one by one with a single objective in mind and that is to exterminate any player on the grid. The robots can only move according to the grid patterns. This means that they can move from left to right or upwards and downwards, one box at a time.

The main player is armed with only one weapon and that is the teleportation tool which can be used to evade the sneaky tactics of the robots. Although there are plenty of killer robots that have to be overcome, they are incapable of any foolproof strategy. They work in numbers but they have no brain power. This is where the main player can thrive. The player can set up blocks and traps along the way and use the teleportation tool to transfer undetected from box to box.