Kill Deal

MyPlayCity, Inc. (Freeware)

Kill Deal is a game in which players are tasked to fight off alien invaders who want to kill all humans. The story takes place in the year 2148, when the Earth has become overpopulated, and resources have started dwindling. The humans have started to explore the Universe, occupying other planets. However, they become careless and fail to see the dangers lurking in the seemingly quiet abyss of space. Soon enough, a horde of extraterrestrial creatures come upon the humans with the intention of obliterating them all.

The goal of the player is to defeat these aliens by attacking their planet. Players are given access to a huge arsenal of skills, weapons, and bonuses to help them in their mission. All of the elements in the game interact in real time, and each behaves differently. Players must be able to use their weapons well, and see how each alien type reacts to the blasts. For instance, walking aliens are not able to flock together, allowing players to strategize about their defense. There are different character classes, each with a unique skill and weapon, so users have to think about which of their forces can defeat the opponents best.

This game provides support for multiplayer gameplay over a local network. There are three modes of difficulty to choose from.