Kigo Image Converter

Kigosoft Inc. (Freeware)

For users and individuals who work in the field of photography, graphic design, photo manipulation, and others that involve image files, they will know how tricky it is to maintain the quality of these files when converting between formats. It is difficult to find a converter that can handle files efficiently, safely, and with as little quality loss as possible. Designed and developed by Kigosoft Inc., the Kigo Image Converter allows users to convert image files to a variety of formats with many customization options to keep image quality loss to a minimum.

The Kigo Image Converter is designed to make the conversion process easy and understandable for all users. With the program, users can convert the format, adjust the scale of the image, resize the image, compress the image, or include watermarks and other personal identification. The program allows the user to convert to various formats including BMP, JPEG, J2K, PNG, JPC, TIF, TIFF, and many more. The straightforward user interface makes it easy for users to see which images they are working with. There are “add” and “remove” buttons at the top of the screen, and the images to be included in the conversion process are shown in the main portion of the window. At the bottom of the window, there are conversion options and at the lower right hand corner, the button to begin the process. The conversion process can take place on a single dialog box, making image conversion an extremely easy task for all user types.