KidZui Browser 6.0.206-6319

KidZui Inc. (Freeware)

KidZui Browser is a free web browser designed specifically for children  3 to 12 years of age.  The Internet can be freely and safely explored by children since all websites are pre-approved and screened by parents, teachers, and the program’s editorial staff. Activity reports are also released weekly to provide information on children’s developing interests.

The program’s Zooming User Interface enables easy browsing for kids. Children simply click-on scaled-down images of pictures, videos, and websites to zoom into them and view their content. The program includes millions of children-friendly websites, games, and YouTube videos. A myriad of kid-friendly games include arcade games, dress-up games, puzzle games, and racing games. Latest music videos include those of child stars and celebrities. An approved URL database is maintained by the program, which does not allow passage to the open Web. Chilldren may also represent themselves online through avatars which are called Zuis.  Children earn points when they browse the web and points earned may be used to purchase accessories and clothes for their avatars, as well as gain levels. Kidzui content may be shared between children but with parental approval. A membership facility, which is paid for supplies additional features such as enhanced reporting for parents and added themes and backgrounds for the browser.