Kids Coloring Book 1

Besofta (Shareware)

Kids Coloring Book is a virtual coloring book for kids. The application comes with more than 250 pictures in high quality. The images have different themes including animals, buildings, objects, and many others. The program has a simple interface that kids will be able to use easily. When an image is selected, it appears at the center of the main window. Colors are available at the right and left side of the image and users can click on them to use them for coloring the image. In addition to the images that are already built-in to the application, users can also add their own images to the program.

Aside from coloring images, users can also draw using the application. It comes with several pencil tools and an eraser so kids can make unique creations. After coloring or creating drawings, users can print out their creations or save them to the computer. The program supports different image file formats including JPG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP.

Here are the other features of the Kids Coloring Book application:

• Comes with different activities that kids will enjoy
• Users can create new colors to use for the images by mixing the ones available in the application
• Does not take up a lot of system resources