KidKeyLock 2.4

100dof (Freeware)

KidKeyLock is a security application that locks the mouse and keyboard functions. The program is useful for parents who have kids that tamper with the mouse, keyboard, and computer at home. The program sits on the desktop system tray when it is not used. Users can access the menu by clicking on its icon. Locking functions can be done from the menu that appears after clicking the icon or from the program’s main interface. KidKeyLock is a simple program that even novice computer users can use.

Some of the functions that can be locked include locking the right, left, or middle mouse buttons, the mouse wheel, and the double-click function. Additionally, users can also set the program to hide the mouse pointer on the screen. Keyboard functions that can be locked include Windows system shortcuts (combination of keys), additional keys (home, delete, function and navigation keys), and regular characters (signs, numbers, and letters). The main window for the application can be locked as well in order to prevent other users from changing the program’s settings. To do this, users can create a password for the setup menu as well as for quitting the application. The password can be typed anywhere on the screen to disable the program or change its settings.