KHangMan (Hangman Game)

KDE Education Project (Anne-Marie Mahfouf) (Freeware)

KHangMan (Hangman Game) is a student-friendly version of the classic game, Hangman. This particular piece of software educates its users on various vocabulary words that are picked randomly. Clues are available to assist program users with their guessing. Since this is a spin-off of the famous Hangman game, there are limited attempts allowed for users to guess the word correctly. In this case, all words come with ten attempts.

Released under KDE Education Project, KHangMan (Hangman Game) can be played with different categories. In this case, younger children who are in early elementary levels are the program's ideal users. Aside from having different word categories to choose from, players can also decide on which difficulty level to play in. The interface also comes complete with a drag-down window that offers language settings which means that students can choose to play in their native tongue. Different pre-set languages are available with the program.

The game starts by having a word randomly chosen by the program. No letters are visible which means that players have to guess each letter one by one. Every correct guess will lead to having a letter appear on the screen. The Hangman image starts appearing part by part per wrong letter guess. The game ends when the Hangman drawing has been completed.