KGpg (Encryption Tool)

KDE (Open Source)

KGpg (Encryption Tool) is an encryption utility developed by KDE. The program allows users to encrypt their emails and files for a more secure exchange of communications. It also features decryption capabilities. The program enables users to set up encryption keys, as well as manage them. The program also enables users to export or import keys. It likewise offers the ability to view trust status, key signatures, and expiry dates.

KGpg (Encryption Tool) appears as an icon in the system tray. When clicked, the program launches the Key Management window. The GUI features a menu bar with options for File, Edit, View, Keys, Groups, Settings, and Help. Function buttons include Find, Key Properties, Sign Key, Import Key, Export Public Key, and Key Server Dialog. The Search input box is located on the upper right corner of the window. The display window features the encryption keys with their names, and corresponding email addresses, trust, expiration, size, creation, and ID.

The context menu enables users to Export Public key, Sign a key, Sign a User ID, and Sign and Mail a User ID. The right click menu also provides access to Key Properties. It also allows users to edit keys in the terminal, refresh keys from the keyserver, set a key as default key, and import missing signatures from the keyserver. The context menu likewise provides the ability to add photo, add user ID, export secret key, delete a key pair, and revoke a key.