KGoldrunner (Hunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve Puzzles)

KDE (Open Source)

KGoldrunner (Hunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve Puzzles) is an action arcade game developed by KDE as part of its kdegames package. kdegames stands for KDE Games package, which includes simple arcade games for users. KGoldrunner (Solve Puzzles, Dodge Enemies, Hunt Gold) features a red garbed hero running through a maze of levels, ladders, and corners. The game environment consists of up to five levels connected by ladders through which the hero can climb up or down to another location. The goal of the hero is to grab all the gold nuggets scattered across the different levels. The hero is chased by one or two enemies who aim to rob the hero of the collected nuggets. The chasers are dressed in black with black eye masks. The game has elements of a puzzle game as the hero tries to outwit the chasers by climbing up or down strategically-placed ladders.

KGoldrunner (Hunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve Puzzles) features a red and blue user interface. The menu bar features options for Game, Move, Editor, Themes, Settings, and Help. The status bar displays the number of remaining lives, the current score, and the current level. The game also comes with a game editor which enables users to design their own game environment. Users can also choose from a variety of pre-installed game themes.