KGet (Download Manager)

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

KGet (Download Manager) is a program that helps its users download files of varying sizes from Internet sources. It is free to use, not to mention highly effective even with larger files and more complex file types. Aside from another KDE program, Konqueror, this particular download manager is also compatible with the Mozilla browser called Firefox. It was released by the KDE Education Project group.

When it comes to this particular download manager, the KGet (Download Manager) program does not only assist its users with the actual downloading of files, but also offers support when the system crashes. There are other file managers that delete downloaded components when files have not been able to complete the process and it is halted. When it comes to this downloading application, even if the system crashes and the manager is suddenly stopped, it saves all downloading files and then resumes the process when the program is re-launched.

This can be downloaded directly from the KDE website as a standalone program but it also comes pre-installed with the desktop system from the same developer. This particular program offers additional features including multiple source downloading. This is the process of obtaining various resources from multiple sources when a particular file is being downloaded. Not only does this speed up the download process, but ensures that the downloaded file carries the best data quality.