KGeography (Geography Trainer)

KDE Education Project (Albert Astals Cid) (Freeware)

KGeography (Geography Trainer) is a computer program that serves the purpose of educating its users when it comes to the subject of Geography by utilizing an interactive map and conducting lessons by means of an engaging and entertaining method. It is a learning tool that is free to download and one which teaches its users about the different countries not to mention their political divisions, if available. Depending on the country, the program may also come with information such as national capitals not to mention national flags.

The interface of the KGeography (Geography Trainer) program is rather simple making it extremely user-friendly. Maps can be selected per continent. There is a large multi-colored map that appears when a particular continent is chosen. When the user clicks on a specific country, the name, its capital, and of course, its national flag, appears on the screen. Users can easily explore the world map using this program. Also, there are several tests that can be administered to foster more learning. These tests come in the form of mini-games.

Program users can decide to engage in guessing games where they can identify the locations of countries or their positions in the map. There are also capital-guessing games not to mention country searches by flags. Released under the KDE Education Project organization, this particular program provides its users with an engaging tool for geographical learning.