KGB Archiver 2.0.02

Tomasz Pawlak (Bundled)

KGB Archiver is a file archiver and compression tool first released on March 2006. It is developed by Tomasz Pawlak and released it under General Public License. The program is based on PAQ6 compression algorithm. It is specifically developed to attain a high compression ratio. The program is also available in a command-line version for Unix-like OS.

The program features 10 compression levels from very weak up to maximum. The level of compression determines the compression speed as well as the memory. It offers supports for both .zip and .kgb file formats. Security features are also available allowing users to encrypt compressed files using AES-256 encryption. Aside from this, KGB Archiver is also capable of creating self-extracting archives. It also offers support for Unicode in both filesystems and user interface. The Windows version of the program also features an Explorer shell extension allowing users to run the program via right-click context menu.

The program’s interface is clear-cut. It is a wizard-like interface offering three types of actions – Compress Files, Decompress Files, and Customize Options. After asking the user what action to take, it redirects users to a window specific for that task. The wizard-like interface then guides the user throughout the entire task. The Customize Options action enables users to configure the shell integration, language, and other general aspects of the program.