KFourInLine (Four-in-a-row Board Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KFourInLine (Four-in-a-row Board Game) is a board game developed by KDE. It is based on the popular board game Connect-Four. The game is played between two players, each one alternating to place pieces on the board. The goal is to make a row of four identical pieces on the board. The pieces can be placed on a row of four diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. However, compared to Bovo, the board is not a horizontal board but a vertical board with row of six holes and a column of seven holes. Players can insert the pieces into one of the seven columns. The piece will then descend the column and rest at the bottom, or on top of another piece earlier placed in that column.  Each piece always falls at the lowest possible free space.

KFourInLine (Four-in-a-row Board Game) starts with each player picking a color. The players must have different colored pieces to easily differentiate when they have already made a row of four. The first player to make a row of four wins the game. If there are no more spaces to place the pieces on, the game ends with a draw.

KFourInLine (Four-in-a-row Board Game) features a grey user interface. The playing board is displayed on the left, while a score board is displayed on the right. The score board displays the player information for the player whose turn it is to play.