KeyWallet (Freeware)

KeyWallet is a desktop application that stores usernames and passwords, and lets users drag and drop these to any form. This utility spares users from having to type the login and other contact information manually. The data are stored in “keys” and can be anything from names, login IDs, usernames, addresses, and passwords. A key contains several fields; each field consists of a text string. For example, a key can be named “My Social Networking Account” and it would contain the username and password the user has registered for a particular social networking site. This utility works with Java-, Windows-, and HTML-based forms.
Keys can be created manually or automatically. In manual key creation, users have to define the information that would be required, or what the fields would contain. In the automatic mode, the application will record the user’s keystrokes. Field names may be edited and passwords may be kept hidden. The application also allows users to associate a website with a particular key. Furthermore, the utility lets users select from different skins that may be downloaded from the developer’s website.

To protect the user’s personal information, the keys are encrypted using a special algorithm and are never transmitted anywhere else—the keys are locally stored on the computer. Users can set the application’s security levels to ask for the password once per session, every time when keys are edited, always when using a key.