Travis Krumsick (Freeware)

KeyTweak is a small program released in 2010. This program allows users to reconfigure their keyboard input signals. Users may enable, disable, and remap keys with this program. Users may create and save multiple sets of keyboard configurations using KeyTweak. The program also has features that allow users to reset their custom keyboard settings back to default in case they would want to use the normal key assignments. The user must restart the PC in order for the configuration to take effect. The remapped keys would be displayed on the top area of the screen while the pending changes can be viewed on the bottom right corner of the screen.

KeyTweak has a feature called “Teach Mode” that serves as a guide on how users may change their keyboard inputs. Teach Mode has two sub-modes, Full Teach and Half Teach modes. Full Teach mode is built for users who simply want to learn how the program works while Half Teach mode assists the user and partially applies the changes to the user’s keyboard. KeyTweak also allows users to remap buttons in special multi-media keyboards, such as “Play”, “Stop”, “Eject”, “Volume Up”, and “Mute”. In addition to these, KeyTweak can also configure Web browser (e.g. Refresh and Home), and Power Management (e.g. Sleep, Power Off) buttons.