Keyspan USB Serial Adapter (USA-19H)

Keyspan (Proprietary)

Keyspan USB Serial Adapter (USA-19H) is a member of the Keyspan family of adapters. This is an updated version of a device that is intended for both Windows and Mac systems. The main function of a serial adapter is to connect a serial device with a USB computer.

This adapter has the following features:
• Convenient to use with plug and play feature
• Capable of supporting data transfer up to around 230 kbps speed
• Power is drawn from the computer via USB connection, thus not requiring external power
• Current adapter activity and status is displayed via LED

Keyspan USB Serial Adapter (USA-19H) is a dependable solution for people who need a device to connect their USB computer with a serial device. There is no need to install a serial card. There is also no more hassle when it comes to turning the PC on and off. Upon plugging in, the program is instantly installed.

This utility can be used with cell phones, scanners, GPS devices, and modems. Any kind of RS-232 serial device works with this program as well. There are more devices that may be used with this utility such as medical instruments and scientific instruments that are compatible. This program is recognized as a reliable plug-and-play tool that serves a variety of needs and preferences.