KeyShot 3 64 3.3.64 (64-bit)

Luxion Inc. (Shareware)

KeyShot 3 is an application that is used to render and animate 3D data. This application enables users to create realistic 3D images and edit these while seeing the results in real-time. It is a CPU-based program and uses the system’s processor without requiring a separate 3D rendering engine. Users who have multiple processors in their system will experience a faster 3D animation and rendering process as well. In addition, there is no need for a 3D graphics card; the default graphics card installed in the system will do.

KeyShot 3 comes with its own rendering engine that has been certified by the International Commission on Illumination. This engine makes it possible for users to accurately create realistic 3D models. This application comes with 6 main buttons that users of all skill levels will find easy to understand, from beginners in 3D rendering to professional mechanical engineers and CG experts. The main toolbar contains icons that represent the process of 3D rendering. The icons have been chronologically arranged, so users will know which process comes next. The toolbar guides the users at every step, from importing their data to the final process of rendering. The tabs on the interface include Scene, Materials, Environment, Camera, and Settings. The project window is where all creation and editing tasks are done.

KeyShot 3 64 is the program version developed specifically for installation in Windows 64-bit computers.