Keylogger Gratis

Keylogger Gratis (Freeware)

Keylogger Gratis is a keylogger program; one used to keep track of keystrokes and related user activity. It anonymously records text written using various programs and apps such as Web browsers and word processing programs. It then generates reports with keystrokes and other data included, which an authorized user can then access. This type of program is practical for administrators who want to keep track of office productivity, as well as parents who wish to observe the browsing activity of children. It can also be utilized to study interactions between users and their computer systems.

Keyloggers such as these may also combinations of software and hardware-based analysis. Keylogger Gratis uses both approaches. It also permits clipboard logging, wherein info copied to the system’s clipboard is recorded by the program for presentation to the authorized user. Search engine queries and conversations using instant messaging services are also recorded. Keylogger essentially helps the authorized user observe said activity and identify potential security problems, such as unauthorized site access and the dissemination of data that should otherwise be kept private. The program has a simple interface based on the Windows Explorer file search function, rendering it easy to use by novices and professionals alike.