KeyHoleTV Application

OISEYER Inc. (Freeware)

Keyhole TV Application is a program that enables users to access various broadcast channels. This program serves as a television portal that can be linked to Japanese television channels, radio stations, and other user-made channels. Keyhole TV Application can receive broadcasts from several Japanese Television stations such as TV Asahi, NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation), Fuji TV, Tokyo Broadcasting System, TV Tokyo, and Nippon TV. In addition, Keyhole TV is capable of receiving transmissions from the US Military’s AM radio station, AFN Tokyo Eagle 810. Most of the channels featured in Keyhole TV are analog and several of them are password protected.

Keyhole TV Application features a simple interface that contains two main tabs: Video and Program. The Program tab displays a list of all available TV channels and radio stations. This tab also shows whether the television channel is password protected or not. Users can select a particular channel from the program tab by double clicking the channel icon. The Video tab is where users can view the television broadcast. When a user selects a radio station, the video tab will display a TV test card while playing the radio broadcast. This tab also contains controls that allow users to mute the broadcast and to adjust the volume level. The top portion of Keyhole TV’s window contains three buttons: On Line, Top Most off, and Stop Video.