Imran Baig (Freeware)

Imran Baig developed and released the KeyFinder program. It was released in 2011. This is a program that helps users retrieve registration keys for purchased software. It was created for the Windows line of operating systems.

When a Windows program is installed, there is a point when users are prompted for a product key. Without this product key, the installation will not push through and the user will be unable to start the program. There are times when the installation does push through but the user ends up with a limited-access copy of the installed program. Retrieving the product key of one's genuine Windows-compatible copy is the main purpose of the KeyFinder application. The product key that it retrieves is normally stored in the Windows registry. This actually makes it difficult to retrieve the key if this program is unavailable.

This program comes in an executable format. This makes it easy to use. It simply has to be downloaded, installed, and launched. As soon as the product key is found, it will be displayed in the main window. This is where the user can choose to copy, save, print, or even encrypt the retrieved piece of information for use and/or subsequent reference.