Keyboards Leds

KARPOLAN (Freeware)

Anton Karpenko, known professionally as KARPOLAN, is a Ukrainian developer responsible for the Keyboards Leds application. This was created for users who rely on netbooks and notebook computers that do not have keyboard indicators. Without keyboard indicators, a significant amount of the time a user spends on the computer may be wasted on errors, which in turn are potentially caused by not knowing whether the Num Lock and Caps Lock buttons are on. This is the problem that this particular program aims to solve. With this application, users with smaller computers will be able to work faster and more efficiently due to their access to a reliable keyboard indicator.

Upon initiation, Keyboards Leds displays an indicator to inform the computer user whether the Caps Lock and Num Lock buttons have been launched or not. Aside from this, it also notifies the computer user when the Scroll Lock has been activated. The user can then type accordingly and more accurately knowing if said buttons are on or off. The program can also be used to monitor the statuses of all other keyboard locks. These can be displayed via small icons on the system tray. The user can also configure the program to work with a floating window setup. Without any need for specific hardware buttons, the program provides easy access when it comes to mode-switching elements.