Key Switcher (Freeware)

Key Switcher is a program that allows users to switch between languages while typing. The program supports more than 25 languages. Aside from switching between languages, Key Switches is also capable of correcting typographical errors and capitalizations. The program immediately detects the language after entering two to five letters. It also detects partial words when the text is being edited by the user. Key Switcher is able to detect texts in different forms, including those that are in documents, programming applications, and spreadsheets. Users have the option to exclude languages from the list to prevent the application from editing certain words.

Other features of the Key Switcher are the following:
• Small and compact size
• Use the same key to switch between keyboard layouts
• Shows current language on the system tray
• On-the-fly correction of mistakes
• Text completion or expansion of words typed in shortcut

Key Switcher is fully customizable and users can configure the sounds, click time, and behavior of the program. The application also detects the mistakes that are undone and automatically learns it to prevent mistakes in the future. Users can supply their email address on the website to gain access to the forum and a list of special features offered by the application.