Kernel for SQL Database 13.05.01

Lepide Software Pvt Ltd. (Shareware)

Kernel for SQL Database is a professional level SQL server recovery tool. This program is capable of scanning and complete extraction of data. It is also capable of fixing any existing issues. All the damaged areas are restored and priceless data can be saved with the help of this program.

Kernel for SQL Database is developed by Lepide Software Pvt Ltd. It is equipped with advanced QFSCI algorithms which facilitate SQL database recovery functions.

Kernel for SQL Database is a tool that is proficient in data recovery. This application is designed to repair fully and partially damaged records saved in batch files that are separated. It is also programmed to rebuild batches of database files automatically. Moreover, this utility can repair damages to stored procedures as well as tables, triggers, views, primary keys, unique keys, and foreign keys in an efficient manner.

Kernel for SQL Database is useful in occurrences involving SQL server database corruption. Such an event could lead to permanent data losses. Some of the known causes of SQL Server database corruption are accidental data deletion, media corruption, invalid file header, partition inaccessibility, and virus attacks among others.

Kernel for SQL Database by Lepide Software Pvt Ltd. can restore databases of any size no matter what the mitigating conditions are. Minor bugs can be fixed by this program as well.