KEmulator 0.2.2

Kashia (Open Source)

KEmulator is a frontend application that is cross-platform, which means that it can run on various types of operating system. The program itself serves as an emulator to run games and apps written in Java without the need to install the games into the system. The games that usually run exclusively on a single platform can be loaded in a machine that runs on a different system by opening them from the emulator itself. Thus, Java games designed to run solely on Nokia devices can be opened on a different operating system, such as Windows on desktop computers.

At the same time, mobile game developers can also use KEmulator to test their games on their computers before publishing them on distribution platforms online. As a result, gaming applications are tested extensively before being published. While the emulator loads programs aimed at a particular environment to load on a different platform, Java Runtime Environment needs to be installed first before a user can load the Java games from the emulator. In addition, the emulation platform allows players to map the controls required by the game by mapping them into keys specified by the user.
The program supports a wide variety of games and applications from different platforms, which include Sega Genesis, Nokia’s Symbian OS, and early-generation mobile gaming consoles like the Nintendo Game Boy.