KeePass 1.29

Dominik Reichl (Freeware)

KeePass is a password management application that was initially released in 2003. The application allows users to manage their passwords for several accounts in one place. All the indexed passwords are saved in the program’s database. The database is locked with a master password or a key file in order to ensure security. KeePass uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and Twofish (symmetric key block cipher) technology for encrypting the password database. The AES encryption algorithm is approved by the NSA (National Security Agency) for keeping top secret information. All the information in the database is encrypted including usernames.

Users have three options for securing password and account information. First is by using a master password, the second is by using a key file, and the third is a combination of the two. In addition, there’s also an option for locking the password database to the current Windows account to prevent other users from accessing the data. The entire database is displayed as a single file so it can be transferred from computer to computer.

Other features of KeePass include the following:
Import from different file formats
Support for password groups
Searching and sorting feature in the database
Strong random password generator
No installation required